Susan Smith

Makeup Artist


I offer a stress free, professional wedding makeup service for brides, which can include organic skin care facials and natural mineral make up, as well as complete makeup makeovers for perfect photographic portraits.

I have completed the Advanced Beauty and Image Consulting Certificate Program with the ElitePro School of Makeup based in Madrid and I am a Mac Pro makeup artist.

How to stay healthy and beautiful has been a lifelong quest; mine was the first generation that never wanted to grow old! I’ve discovered that if you drop the ideal and love yourself by taking care of your body, you will enjoy life more because you naturally feel younger and look better.

I am a photographic assistant with Mirror Imaging Photography, which gives me a great deal of wedding experience as well as a unique insight into working with light and the important role makeup plays in being 'camera ready'.

I also write a food blog called Primal Plate, with deliciously healthy low-carb recipes so you can have your (grain-free) cake and eat it too!